Here's How to Minimise Mould Infestation in Your Vacation Home Air Conditioning System

Vacation homeowners are no strangers to the persistent intrusion of foul-smelling, allergy-inducing mould into their living spaces. Although mould is pretty much ubiquitous, it especially thrives in the AC system of a vacation home since you are not always there to deal with the problem as it arises.  Even with the latest, more sophisticated AC system, mould can easily establish colonies inside the ductworks and thrive in the presence of moisture and food.

Moving into Your First Home? Buy an Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioner

One of the big purchases you have to make once you construct your first home is your air conditioning system. But once you go scour for an air conditioning system, you can be overwhelmed by the vast selection of units available! Moreover not only do you have to deliberate on what brand and model you want, but you also have to decide on which technology will be suited to your needs.

Why You Need to Take Control of Your Home's Interior Temperature

Do you struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home all year round? You may have some wall units in each of your main rooms but need to operate them independently, and you never seem to have a uniform temperature when you go from place to place. You may find it even more difficult to keep the kids happy when they're running around in the middle of winter, as these units do not seem to be as efficient in heating the property as they may have been when cooling it down.