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Why You Need to Take Control of Your Home's Interior Temperature

Do you struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home all year round? You may have some wall units in each of your main rooms but need to operate them independently, and you never seem to have a uniform temperature when you go from place to place. You may find it even more difficult to keep the kids happy when they're running around in the middle of winter, as these units do not seem to be as efficient in heating the property as they may have been when cooling it down. In short, you seem to be constantly on the back foot as you try to condition the home effectively. If this is the case, maybe it's time for you to try an all-inclusive approach instead. Why could ducted air conditioning be the perfect ticket in your case?


The typical Australian home may have six or more key rooms, each of which needs to be carefully regulated from a temperature and humidity perspective. Yet you may not want all of them to be heated or cooled around the clock, as some zones will only be in use at nighttime or vice versa. Ducted air conditioning is a solution that will help you regulate the entire place, with careful attention to each zone.


The system is made up of two different units. The first is typically located underneath the floor or in the ceiling, and the second is placed outdoors in a suitable location nearby. A network of ducts will then be installed. These can be either in the floor cavity or ceiling, and there will be at least one outlet in each room.

You will be supplied with an electronic control panel that is easy to understand and simple to use. You will be able to program this panel to set the temperature and hours of operation for each zone. For efficiency, you can set the system to turn off through all the bedrooms during the hours of daylight and categorise this as a separate zone.

All Seasons

Crucially, this type of ducted air conditioning system will be reverse-cycle, which means that it is equally as adept when heating the home in winter as it is when cooling the property in summer.

Tech Is Your Friend

These days the control panel takes advantage of the latest technology, to help you meet energy efficiency goals and bring down the scale of your carbon footprint. You may also be able to take advantage of tariffs provided by your energy supplier to further streamline your needs.

Time to Take Action

It's time to take control of your comfort as well as your energy spend. You should invest in a ducted air conditioning system and chart your savings as you go forward.