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Your Guide to Choosing SplitSystem Air Conditioning

When you're upgrading your AC unit, you'll probably have lots of options to choose from. Choosing a split system air conditioning installation comes with a few benefits. If you're struggling to choose between a split system and traditional window box units, it may help to understand how they differ and why a split option may work for you. 

Greater Security

Window box air conditioning units sit at the base of your window with a mounting bracket. Although they function well in keeping your property cool, they also offer a direct way to enter it that potential intruders might exploit. If an intruder is aware that you're not at home, they can dismantle the system from the outside and use the space it leaves to gain entry. In contrast, split systems are made of two separate components. While they still draw air from outside your property, they don't rely on an open window space for that air to enter. Instead, it runs through a more secure channel that intruders cannot exploit.

Zone Cooling

Depending on how many people are in your house at one time, you probably don't need to cool every room at once. Traditional air conditioning units function by cooling every part of your property. This can result in unnecessarily high energy bills. For example, if you're not using a room throughout the day but it's north-facing and captures a lot of sun, your AC unit will work extra hard to keep it cool. Split systems overcome this issue by allowing you to zone each area. If you're aware that you will spend most of your time in the living room, you can program the system to focus there and then adjust it to tackle your bedrooms when bedtime arrives.

Quiet Cooling

Although you may love the cool air your HVAC unit delivers, you might not like the noise. Too much HVAC unit noise can disrupt your house's ambience when you want some peace. It may also prevent you from falling asleep, making it difficult to enjoy the day ahead. Window box units feature condensers that are close to the inside of your property, so you can hear them while they're operating. Split system units come with condensers that sit outside in a convenient place that makes them far less noisy. As a result, you can enjoy a cool home without having to worry about noise. 

Reach out to a split system air conditioner installation contractor to learn more.