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3 Types Of Air Conditioners That Are Ideal For Small Apartments

An efficient air conditioning system is practically a must if you want to keep your home comfortably cool during the summer months, and this is particularly true in smaller apartments. Since compact homes are frequently poorly ventilated, installing air conditioning is a good way to maintain ventilation and air circulation, as well as keeping the temperature down.

However, a conventional, ducted air conditioning system is frequently too large to install in a smaller home. Fortunately, owners of compact apartments can choose from a variety of alternative systems that provide just as much cooling power in a much smaller package.

Split-System Air Conditioning

Split-system air conditioners are some of the smallest non-portable air conditioners available today, and they are ideal if you want a compact system that doesn't compromise on power or efficiency. Split systems consist of an outdoor condenser unit that cools liquid refrigerant and an indoor blower unit that uses this cooled refrigerant to create cool air inside your home.

The indoor unit of a split system is wall-mounted and takes up very little space inside your home. The refrigerant conduits that provide the unit with cooling liquids are also much smaller and narrower than conventional air ducts and can be routed through walls and ceilings without making significant modifications to your apartment. 

Finding space for the outdoor condenser unit can be a little more challenging if you live in an upper-floor apartment or a ground floor apartment with little or no outdoor space. However, many split systems that are designed for apartment use have wall-mounted condenser units.

Bear in mind that conventional split systems can only cool one room at a time, so this solution may not right for you if you want to cool your entire home with a single system. 

Multi-Split Air Conditioning

These systems function on the same principles as 'single' split systems, but they have multiple indoor blower units that are connected to a single outdoor condenser. They are very useful for cooling entire apartments with a single, easily controlled air conditioning system, and many modern multi-split systems allow you to adjust the temperature in each room individually.

Multi-split systems are more expensive than single split systems, and they may also be more expensive than installing multiple single split units in different rooms. However, investing in a multi-split will make controlling the temperature in your apartment much easier, and you will not have to find space to install multiple outdoor condenser units.

Window Air Conditioning

If you need a cheap air conditioner to cool a single, frequently used room, such as a bedroom or study, a window-mounted air conditioner can be an excellent budget-friendly solution. These units are mounted directly to a suitable window frame and can be installed without making any significant modifications to your home. If you lack sufficient window space, they can also be mounted in dedicated wall cavities, although this installation method is more expensive.