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4 Ways Split System Air Conditioning Can Malfunction

Split system air conditioning systems are usually reliable, but they do sometimes break down. Here are four of the most common ways in which split systems malfunction, along with troubleshooting tips to help you get to the bottom of the problem.

1. Split System AC Doesn't Turn On

If you cannot turn on your split system air conditioner, first make sure that the power supply is connected and working. It is possible that the air conditioner has tripped the power supply, in which case you will need to reset the circuit breaker in your electrical box.

Another possibility is that pets or mice in your home have chewed the wires connecting your AC system, leading to a lack of power to the unit. Check the wiring to see if you can find the disruption to the power supply.

2. Split System Fan Doesn't Turn

The fan in your split system unit blows cooled air into your home. If the fan does not turn, there might be a build-up of dust, lint, hair or even ice inside the AC unit that is blocking its rotation. Open up the unit and take a look to see if you can find out what is blocking the fan. If there is no obvious blockage, then it is likely that the motor is broken, in which case you need to call a split system repair service for help.

3. Split System Smells Bad

The conditions inside malfunctioning split system air conditioning systems are perfect for mould to thrive, especially when you do not clean the unit often. If you notice a bad smell when you turn on your split system AC, it is likely that mould is growing inside the unit. Turn the unit off, open it up and clean away any mould you find there. If the problem keeps recurring, call an HVAC repair service who can find out why conditions inside your unit are so damp.

4. Split System AC Doesn't Produce Cold Air

If your split system air conditioning system seems to be working normally, but the air coming out of it is warm rather than cool, the first thing you should do is check the temperature settings. Try setting the thermostat to a few degrees lower than room temperature and wait a few minutes to see if the unit starts producing cold air.

If changing the temperature settings makes no difference to the unit's output, the thermostat could be broken. Another possibility is that the unit is leaking refrigerant. Either way, the best way to deal with this problem is to call a split system repair service.

For more information on split system repair, contact a local HVAC contractor.