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Top Selling Points for a Ducted Air Conditioning System

When looking for ducted air conditioning systems, homeowners ask around for reviews and advice from both HVAC experts and customers. After considering the pros and cons of different AC systems, the ultimate purchase decision rests with a homeowner.

While experienced HVAC contractors know how to convince customers to buy the best possible air conditioning system, new contractors need to master some of the key selling points of these systems. This article highlights the critical selling points of ducted air conditioning that contractors should share with homeowners. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

When trying to sell ducted air conditioning to clients, few HVAC contractors focus on the aesthetic appeal the systems offer. While it is true that homeowners want a system that delivers what it is designed to do efficiently, it is essential to factor in a home's interior design. An air conditioning system should not leave a client struggling to conceal air vents and power units. Most importantly, AC units should blend with the interior design and decor of a home. The best air-conditioning systems limit aesthetic struggles, and that is what a ducted air conditioning unit achieves.

Due to its design, a ducted air conditioner is a discreet system that sits in the background and does not invade a homeowner's space. It helps a homeowner to achieve the desired interior aesthetic appeal, thereby adding value to their home. It is particularly essential for homeowners that plan to sell their home in the future.

No Restrictions to Home/Ceiling/Roof Design

Unlike traditional homes, most modern houses do not have a lot of ceiling space due to the high roof design trend that is taking over the market. However, the design can be a real problem for some AC units, such as split systems, since they require a big roof space to install. It means that homeowners have to design their homes, keeping in mind that they need space for the air conditioning unit. Such restrictions to home design do not auger well with homeowners. Ducted air conditioning systems are the exact opposite because they can easily be installed in tight and narrow roof spaces. It gives the homeowners the freedom to design their homes however they wish.

Centralised Temperature Control 

An HVAC contractor should be keeping tabs on the multigenerational living trends in Australia because it has a significant effect on their market. Currently, about 1 in 5 Australians live in a multigenerational home. It means that each room needs customised temperature control. The design is best achieved using an air conditioning system that allows homeowners to control the temperature of individual rooms from a central unit. Ducted air conditioning gives homeowners more control to set the temperature of each room. It is particularly favourable for multigenerational homes with elderly tenants.