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Insulating your attic can make your heating system more efficient

So you've thoroughly sealed your floors, walls, roof and windows. But why are you still incurring unusually high heating bills? Your furnace may even be brand new and well serviced, but yet you can't seem to keep the heating bills to a minimum.

The answer could lie in your attic. If your attic is poorly insulated, warm air will leak out of the home and cold air will keep entering your premises. This results in your reverse cycle heating and cooling system being overworked and driving up your energy consumption.

This article will help you determine if your attic is a liability and the benefits you can enjoy by insulating it.

Does your attic need insulation?

After experiencing frequently high bills, you should carefully inspect your attic to see if it needs to be insulated. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Physically inspect your attic

You can get a pretty good idea if your attic is leaking air by climbing into the space and inspecting it yourself. A poorly insulated attic will not be able to trap air. Instead, it will simply allow air to leak through freely.

You may notice that your attic is very cold, even when your HVAC system is running. You may even feel hot air blowing into the attic and eventually moving outside the home. This is a good indicator of a poorly insulated roof.

2. Check if any insulation materials exist

While in the attic, you can also check the walls and floors to see if any insulating materials are present. Most attics are insulated by cellulose or fibreglass-based materials. If all you see are bare wood floors and walls, your attic will need to be insulated.

3. Have an insulation expert check your attic

You should also seek the opinion of an expert before you take on this project. Your HVAC contractor may be able to determine the needs of your attic and what type of insulation will work best in your home. They also provide useful information on energy efficient options.

The benefits of insulating your attic

By having your attic insulated, you will notice your energy consumption decreasing. Remember that heating and cooling costs account for almost 50% of energy consumption in the home. By cutting down on these costs, you will save more money and enjoy increased comfort. Insulating the attic also prevents your indoor air from becoming moist and harbouring mould.