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Maintenance Tips to Optimize the Efficiency of Your Evaporative Air Conditioner

Evaporative air conditioners, like Cool Breeze air conditioning units, differ significantly from standard AC units. While a conventional AC unit cools the air by taking humidity out of the house, an evaporative air con filters the air through water and lowers its temperature. It does not strip air of its moisture, and this helps in preventing the effects of dry air, which include an itchy throat, watery eyes and irritated sinuses. However, while an evaporative AC does a great job of providing fresh and humid air in the home, it requires proper maintenance to work efficiently. Here are some of the measures that you can take to optimise the performance of your unit.

Check the tank regularly

As aforementioned, an evaporative AC works by running air through water. This means that it has a water tank which aids in the cooling process. The unit has some pads which have to remain cool and wet at all times to cool the air. If there is not adequate water in the tank, the pads will dry out, and they will not be able to cool the air. That's why you need to check the water tank regularly and ensure that it has enough water to keep the pads wet. Top up the water if it falls too low. Also, you can empty and clean the tank regularly to get rid of scale and debris.

Lubricate moving parts

The motor and bearings in your AC unit require regular lubrication to work correctly. These parts facilitate the movement of the fan and enable the unit to keep your house cool. When lubricated, the grease reduces friction which could cause premature wear of the metals. Also, lubrication protects the surface from dirt and rust. Invest in a quality lubricant and use it on the motor, ball, and bearings. Do this at least once a month and more frequently during the summer months to ensure proper working of the unit's fan.

Invest in a dehumidifier

An evaporative AC unit does not strip away the moisture in the air. However, if there is too much humidity, it could prevent the unit from adequately cooling the air. As a result, the air in your home will not be as cool as you would want even though the AC is in operation. You can prevent this by investing in a dehumidifier. This system will take out the excess moisture from the air and allow the evaporative AC to perform efficiently. Alternatively, you can also keep the windows in your home open. As the air flows in and out of the room, most of the moisture will escape.

Follow these tips to improve the efficiency of your evaporative air conditioner. Contact an HVAC contractor for professional tune-ups and repairs.