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4 Types of Heating Systems for Commercial Buildings

Heating your commercial building is important to keep your employees comfortable, whether in the warehouse or the offices. There are a variety of different heating systems to choose from, varying in their costs and benefits. Here are some different types of heating systems for commercial buildings.

Central Heating

A popular option for heating your commercial property is by using a forced air central heating system. Not only does this give you consistent heat, but it includes central air conditioning as well. It does cost a little more as it requires more labour work, since you need to have the ductwork and vents installed. However, once it is installed, it works efficiently and even throughout your office. You can have thermostat installed in the offices, warehouse, garage or basement, and other areas of the commercial property.

Geothermal Heating

Another option you may have for your commercial property is to get heating with geothermal heating. The traditional geothermal heating system uses tubes that are installed in the floors or baseboards of the commercial property. This allows you to have heat in your office that is provided by transferring heat, as opposed to forcing heat through fans or furnaces. There is also a newer form of geothermal heat called hybrid geothermal. This includes a heat pump that provides additional heating for the system, which can help to lower the overall costs.

Radiant Heating

You may also want to have a radiant heating system installed in your building. This type of heating system also uses pipes that are installed in the building, but has a boiler with either oil or water that is heated in order to get heat in your home. There are many benefits to choosing radiant heat, beginning with the fact that it is much quieter. There is no loud furnace or forced heat through the ducts, both of which can be loud and distracting when the heater is turned on. It can also lower your energy bills and cost less on a monthly basis, though the installation itself might be a little higher.

Solar Heating

if you are looking for a more environmentally-friendly option for you commercial property, consider solar heating. There will be solar panels installed on the outside of the building that begin collecting energy during the day when the sun is out. This allows you to get heat through coils in the panels, that is then transferred to metal coins inside your building with liquid inside the coils. When you turn on the heat, it is usually provided nearly free from the sun's UV rays.

Talk to local HVAC contractors to learn more about your commercial heating solutions or options.