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3 Maintenance Tasks to Prepare Your Window A/C for Summer

Before the heat of the summer season begins, it helps to be fully prepared for it. If you haven't turned on your air conditioner in a while, now is the perfect time. This allows you to ensure it is in good working order before the heat is at its worst. Maintenance is also important before summer begins.  

Check the Window Seals

Before you start working on maintenance of the air conditioner itself, begin looking at the window seals. There are seals between where the air conditioner is located and where the window frame is. If these seals are cracked or broken, you are probably experiencing loss of air through those cracks. This not only makes it more difficult to get the best amount of air from your window unit, but it can cause a rise in energy costs as well. You may need to get the seals replaced if they are badly damaged.

Change the Air Filters

Your window air conditioner has an air filter that is easy to clean or replace. Some units utilize reusable filters, which you simply remove and clean before putting it back inside. Others will have inexpensive disposable filters that are checked more often and disposed of before putting in a new one. Open up the front cabinet of the window unit and locate the air filter. It should pop right out of its slot. Either throw it away or run it under cold water to get rid of the debris, dust, and dander. Once it is fully clean, lay it out to dry before putting it back in the unit.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

With the front panel of the window air conditioner still open, find the evaporator coils and begin cleaning them. These coins often get built-up dirt and debris that doesn't make it into the filter. You should clean them by using a stiff brush. This will help you to break up the dirt. The attachment on your vacuum cleaner can help you pick up the loose debris that falls when removing it from the coils. You can also use a microfiber cloth to remove the dust. When the coils are clean, take a moment to clean the fins as well. Be careful not to bend them.

If you are having any trouble with the window air conditioner, consult an HVAC professional now so you can get it repaired before the hot summer months arrive.