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Top Signs That Your Home's Furnace Needs Repairs

Your home's furnace doesn't always need to stop working altogether for it to need repairs, and it's good to always get those repairs done as quickly as possible when you notice problems with your furnace. This will ensure it stays in good working order and that you're not putting unnecessary wear and tear on the parts. Note a few of the most common signs that your home's furnace needs repairs.

1. Yellow pilot light

If you have a gas furnace and notice that the pilot light is anything but a nice shade of blue, you want to have it inspected. A blue flame means a good mix of gasses in the furnace, but when the pilot light starts to bring in carbon monoxide and other such elements, it often turns a shade of yellow. This is very unhealthy for your family and also doesn't heat the air in the furnace as easily as it should. The pilot ignition or other areas may simply need a good cleaning in this case so have it checked as soon as you can.

2. Dry or dusty feeling; breathing problems

When a furnace is not filtering air as it should before pumping it through your home, this can mean dust, dirt, mold, and other allergens are getting into the vents. Changing the filter of the furnace may not be enough if the fan and motor need a good cleaning. Have this checked and consider cleaning the ductwork of your home as well.

3. Furnace won't stay on

If you've adjusted your thermostat but the furnace just won't stay on in cold weather, the fan or motor may be burning out or the wiring of the furnace may be failing. The thermostat needs to communicate with the furnace in order to keep it running in cold weather and when it doesn't, the furnace will keep shutting off. This can mean not just a cold house but wear and tear on the motor and all parts.

4. Colder areas of the home

If some parts of your home never seem to get warm enough, this can mean that the furnace is not working properly in order to blow warm air through all the home's ductwork. It can also mean that your furnace is simply undersized for your home and it can be working too hard to meet your demands for heat. If you notice that only certain parts of the house stay cool while others get warm during wintertime, have the furnace checked for needed repairs but also for the size of the furnace versus the size of your home.

Things like heating and air conditioning repairs may not be fun, but they are necessary when these conditions occur--don't put them off!