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Why Hire a Professional to Clean Your Commercial Kitchen Versus Relying on Your Staff?

When you hire staff to work in your commercial kitchen, they will be expected to handle moderate cleaning throughout their shift. This includes cleaning the grill, the floor, and food prep surfaces. However, many restaurant owners also assume that kitchen staff can and should handle all cleaning in the kitchen, but this can be very shortsighted.

It's often better if you simply have a professional cleaning company do this work for you than expect your staff to handle thorough, deep cleaning. Note why that is and how such professional cleaning can benefit you and your company:

1. Expertise

Your kitchen staff is generally hired to cook food; they may have a basic understanding of food handling and of maintaining a clean kitchen, but they haven't always been trained on how to empty a grease trap, replace filters for the exhaust fans, clean vents of the exhaust fan, and deep clean the freezer and refrigerator areas.

A professional who specializes in such cleaning will know how to handle all these steps in keeping a thoroughly clean kitchen so that it's done right and nothing is overlooked.

2. Cleaning to code

The cleanliness of your kitchen is of interest to both food safety inspectors and to your local fire department inspectors as well. If anything is overlooked, even a grease trap or excessive grease in the exhaust hoods of your oven and stovetop, this can actually cause your kitchen to be shut down by inspectors.

A professional cleaning service will usually know the local codes and regulations that you need to follow when it comes to how often certain areas of the kitchen need to be cleaned, and how to ensure that excessive grease, dirt, bacteria, and the like will not get your facility shut down.

3. Recommendations

A professional cleaning company often works with a restaurant owner to make recommendations as to how to keep the kitchen cleaner and prevent fire hazards and code violations. They may feel freer to talk to a restaurant owner about replacing mats that are worn, or updating the freezer or food storage areas to something made of a material that naturally inhibits bacteria.

They may also note that grease traps should be bigger or emptied more often, or that a more powerful exhaust fan is needed for this particular kitchen. Whatever they may see around the kitchen that needs attention, they may discuss this with the restaurant owner and in turn, the kitchen can be cleaner overall.

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