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Common Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips for 2 Major Issues

Your central air conditioner should operate smoothly and quietly, and should distribute cool air to your home without you even noticing that it's working. If you do notice problems with the air conditioner however, you might note a few troubleshooting tips before you call for service and repairs. At the very least, you might know what to expect by way of repairs that will need to be performed. Note the following.

1. You hear banging or pinging sounds

Note if the banging or pinging sounds are actually coming from the central air unit, or from what seems to be inside your home. If the banging sounds like it's coming from behind the walls or ceiling, chances are it's the metal ductwork of your home that's the problem. If a piece has come loose, you might hear it slapping against the vents and this creates a pinging sound. If you hear banging, a section of duct may be loose and it bangs around when air is forced through it.

If the sound is coming from the central unit itself, first check to see if the panel is screwed on tightly. If it's come loose, you might hear it banging or pinging against the housing every time the fan comes on. If the banging is from inside the unit, it's good to call for service as this usually means a part has come loose or has broken off altogether, and is now banging around the inside of the housing.

2. The air feels uncomfortable and not cool enough

In some cases, the air conditioner itself might be working fine but as air travels through the ducts of your home, it gets dirty and dusty if the ducts are dirty and dusty. Excessive dust in the vents and ducts can also affect the temperature of the air so that it doesn't feel as cool as it should be once it settles into a room.

Note if you see more dust settling around you when the air conditioner comes on, and if the air seems drier than expected. You might also note if your electric bills seem higher than usual, as an air conditioner will need to work harder to push cool air through dirty and dusty vents. Having your home's ductwork cleaned can help to correct this problem. If that doesn't fix the problem, the air conditioner may simply need to have its coolant levels recharged by companies like Aircompliance Airconditioning Pty Ltd.